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  • Locations: Agios Kirykos, Greece; Athens, Greece
  • Program Terms: Spring
  • Restrictions: Carroll applicants only
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Program Advisor: Taylor Uselmann Program Type: Faculty-Led Programs
Total CCE Cost: 4575.00 Deposit Amount: 250
Program Description:

This course will travel to the Greek Island of Ikaria, one of the world's Blue Zones.  What is a Blue Zone?  These are locations around the world where people live longer than would otherwise be expected.  Why?  There are many theories.  Diet and lifestyle are key, but there may be other, less tangible reasons.  The Greek island of Ikaria is one of these locations.  On this trip, you will meet and interact with many people 100 years old or older who still lead productive active lives.  You will visit their homes and meet their families, go to the local markets and participate in making local food.  You will visit clinics and hospitals and meet people from the Ministry of Health to find out how the healthcare system supports this population.  You will also explore the local arts and crafts, and take part in the cultural traditions of the area.  After a week on Ikaria, students will spend a few days in Athens, visiting clinics, hospitals and the university to find out more about healthcare and longevity in Greece.

Tentative itinerary (subject to change)

Day 1 (Tuesday, May 14) -
Take an overnight flight to Athens.

Day 2 (Wednesday, May 15) -
Arrive in Athens for your connection to the domestic flight to Ikaria. Upon arrival, drive to the village of Therma for a visit to the beach and hot springs. This region has been known for its hydrotherapy since the 1st century B.C. Enjoy lunch at a seaside tavern before departing to Agios Kirykos, the island’s capital and main port. Its patron saint is Saint Kirykos and its big, blue-domed church stands just above the harbour. On the breakwater harbour wall stands a modernist metal statue depicting Icarus with his wings, the Ikariada. Have dinner at local restaurant before your first hotel stay in this village formed in the 17th century.
(Overnight Agios Kirykos) 

Day 3 (Thursday, May 16) -
After breakfast at the hotel, take part in mindfulness and meditation with Simone.  Next, experience harvesting sea salt, a natural product rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, among trace minerals. Enjoy a group lunch and interacting with shop owners to learn about local ingredients and cuisine. They will guide you to getting the fresh food you will have for dinner. There will be some free time in the afternoon before a cooking class to learn local recipes and prepare dinner. For dinner you will learn local recipes and prepare dinner with one of the community members.
(Overnight Agios Kirykos)

Day 4 (Friday, May 17) -
Start the morning with a boat cruise to the island of Fourni and learn some of the history that has shaped this island’s culture. Fourni is a collection of small islands that from this gorgeous archipelago. This island is filled with natural beauty, hiking trails and a beautiful beach. After lunch, enjoy some free time on the island before returning to Agios, tour the village or relax on the beach. Spend the afternoon meeting with a local octogenarians, nonagenarians, or centenarians learning about the role of the elders in Ikaria and changes over time. The Greek people don’t necessarily celebrate birthdays, but instead celebrate a person’s “name day”-- the day of the saint after which they are named. Thus, they often don’t know how old they actually are!
(Overnight Agios Kirykos)

Day 5 (Saturday, May 18) -.
After breakfast, meet with doctors at Ikaria Prefectural General Hospital to discuss Greek lifestyle and wellness. Most citizens will engage in local remedies if they have a sore throat, etc. (i,.e. using wild herbs, honey, garlic syrup, etc.) well before going to a doctor. Next, attend a panigiria. It is one of the most, if not the most important day in the villages’ communal life. The panigiria are embraced by all generations and are still today the center of Greek cultural life, a surprising and exciting reality for its visitors. Learning Greek dances happens automatically, as no one is allowed to sit for long before villagers lock arms with visitors for Hasapiko, Kalamatianos, and other traditional and modern dances. This is a great experience to take part in the local culture. Spend the evening with dinner and your overnight stay.
(Overnight Agios Kirykos)

Day 6 (Sunday, May 19) -
Start the morning with a drive to Nas, 44 km west of Agios Kirykos. Stop in the small, seaside town of Evdilos for a stretch and coffee. Lunch will be in the beachside village of Armenistis. This area is a small fishing village with a small number of year round inhabitants with an influx of seasonal tourists that enjoy the best beaches on the island. Talk with the fishermen about their lifestyle and the types of seafood common to the area. Learn about the importance of fishing in Green lifestyle and the economy. Guests can take a walk or the bus to Nas for some free time before rejoining for dinner.
(Overnight Nas)

Day 7 (Monday, May 20) -
After breakfast, take an early guided hike (moderate difficulty) through the rocky hills and fields of this region. The small bay of Nas used to be a significant port in former times when piracy was at its peak. At the first appearance of the Turks in the Aegean and the departure of the Franks from the island in the early 16th century, the Ikarians, who moved to the hideouts of the western side for defensive purposes, blocked up the ancient port. Nearby stand the crumbling foundations of the Temple of Artemis, patroness of bulls, also known as the sacred Tavropolion. Lunch will be provided at the end of the hike before walking back to Nas for a visit to a local winery. Learn about the lifestyle of winemakers and the importance of wine to the Ikarian culture. This winery has been in business for over 20 years, producing wine from two varieties of grapes. This evening will be a sunset meditation experience with Simone before dinner.
(Overnight Nas)

Day 8 (Tuesday, May 21) -
Check out of the hotel and depart for the airport. After a light lunch, fly to Athens. In addition, visit the central market in Athens which is the biggest vegetable and fruit market in Greece. Meet with the general manager to explain how the entire system works. Visit with different booths and try samples from around Greece. Also, visit with a local University with student interaction and review of their health programs. Also, visit a rehabilitation hospital and speak with doctors on the connection to the Mediterranean diet. Visit the Acropolis before a farewell dinner with traditional music as you try to learn the Syrtaki dance!
(Overnight Athens)

Day 9 (Friday, May 22) -
In the morning, transfer to the airport and return flight home (arriving on the same day).
Instructor: Denise MatelAnderson
Term: Spring 2019
Course Meeting Time: Mondays 4:30-5:50
Travel dates: May 14- May 22  2019
Estimated Cost: $4550-4650 depending on number of students.  
Course credits: 2

Course admission decisions will be sent out within the first two weeks of October.  At that time you will have 1 week to pay a deposit of 250.00 to hold your space.  Be prepared!

Students requesting accommodations for their CCE should contact The Office for Students with Disabilities at the Walter Young Center by calling 262-524-7335 to set up an appointment with Marty Bledsoe. 

This program is currently not accepting applications.