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Billing and Payment

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Carroll Course CCEs

The deposit amount can be found on the CCE's brochure,in your decision letter, and is an application item on your profile.  All CCEs have either a $0 or $100 deposit.  If your course has a $100 deposit requirement, in order to confirm your participation in the course, you will need to make a non-refundable deposit of $100 that will be applied to the travel costs for this course.  If you have been accepted into multiple CCE courses, only deposit for the course in which you intend to enroll.  You must make the non-refundable deposit by four days from acceptance.  Failure to make this initial non-refundable payment within four days of the date of the acceptance will result in you forfeiting your spot to the next person on the waiting list in this course.  Please see payment options below to pay your deposit. 
By making the initial non-refundable deposit, you have entered into a financial commitment to pay for all costs related to the travel portion of the course regardless of whether you physically travel or not.  If you choose to withdraw, are asked to withdraw due to conduct, or fail to complete all required materials after the non-refundable payment has been made, no refund of said payment will be issued.  Additionally, you will assume the forfeiture of any monies paid toward the total CCE cost as well as the liability of any outstanding monies.

Total CCE Cost
Separate from the tuition, each course has a fee that includes airfare, accommodations and other program costs as specified on the individual course brochure.  The total CCE cost can be found on the online CCE brochure, in your decision letter, and in the emails and paper statements sent by the business office.
The total CCE cost will be due 30 days prior to departure. Failure to pay by the deadline will result in the balance being transferred to your student account. Balances transferred to student accounts will be treated as any other student account charges and as such may be assessed late fees and/or result in registration and other account holds. Soon you will be contacted via email by Colleen Susnik, from the Business Office, who will further outline all of the information regarding your payments, statements for this course and the exact balance due date. Please retain this email because you may need to refer to it at a later date. 
The remaining balance owed can be found on the monthly statements that are being sent to your permanent address around the 15th of each month. If you have been awarded a CCE award, you will need to also subtract the CCE award from the total cost because it is not reflected on your statement.  The CCE award will be applied to your student account after the trip balance due date, when any remaining balances owed have been transferred to your student account.  The trip balance due date is 30 days before the trip departure.  The CCE award amount can be found on decision letter.  To learn more about the CCE award click here.

Payment Options
The following payment options can be used to pay your deposit and total CCE cost. 
  1. Online at - this must be typed into your browser by hand for the website to load
    1. Click “NCEP & CCE Trips” on the bottom right side 
    2. Click “View Details” next to the correct location 
    3. Enter the amount you wish to pay (for deposit payments, this must be at least $100). 
  2. In person at the Business Office, located in Voorhees with any of the following methods 
    1. Credit card 
    2. Cash 
    3. Check 
  3. A mailed check to the Business Office. - this is not the suggested method for paying a deposit by the deadline, as the check may not reach the office on time.
Checks may be sent to: 
Carroll University - Business Office 
100 N. East Avenue 
Waukesha, WI 53186 

With all checks, please make sure to include your name and ID number and indicate which CCE course the payment should be put towards. 
All payments must go through the Business Office.  The Office of Global Education does not collect payment or have access to your balance. Please contact the business office with questions. 
Study Abroad CCEs

Deposits to Study Abroad programs are not required to Carroll University. In most cases, study abroad programs will require deposits through their own venues. 

Students attending a semester program will be billed a $360 study abroad administrative fee when term charges are implemented. 
Students attending a summer or J-term program will be billed a $150 study abroad administrative fee when term charges are implemented. 
Exchange Programs
These programs are for a semester or academic year only. Students will be billed Carroll tuition and mandatory health insurance. Students are 100% responsible for housing, visa, and other program fees paid directly to the foreign university or provider. Traditional CU financial aid package is applicable. Please check with the Office of Global Education for the most recent fees. 

Affiliated Semester Programs
Students will be billed the affiliated program tuition (adjusted from CU’s tuition, which is an automated charge). Students are 100% responsible for housing, visa, and other program fees paid directly to the foreign university or provider. In most cases, students can keep State and Federal financial aid. 

Affiliated Summer Programs
Some of our exchange programs and most affiliated providers have summer programs. Students need to enroll in at least one (1) course at a foreign university, but can take up to three (3) courses. The amount of courses will determine a tuition amount. Students are 100% responsible for the program costs – tuition, housing, visa (if applicable), and other fees. If a student is enrolled into six (6) credits (that is 2 courses), then financial aid may be applicable. 

Affiliated J-Term Programs
These programs are available through our affiliated providers. Students enroll in one course at a foreign university. Students are 100% responsible for the program costs – tuition, housing, visa (if applicable), and other fees. Generally, financial aid is not applicable. 

Unaffiliated Programs
Students are 100% responsible for the program charges on all fronts. The CCE Award is not applicable for these programs. 

Total Study Abroad Program Costs, Payments, and Deadlines 
Students are required to fill out the CU study abroad budget sheet. These costs are factored into an overall budget for that specific program’s costs during the respective term, and is utilized by the Financial Aid Office. When applicable, the budget also determines the student’s CCE award amount.

Any funds applied to the student’s CU account follow the university’s payment deadlines. For other program charges, students must also heed to the provider payment deadlines. For information on deadlines, costs, regulations or other program-specific questions, please contact the university or provider that you will be attending overseas directly.  International institutions are a separate entity from Carroll, and therefore our administration will be unable to assist you with site-specific questions and processes.