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Military and Veteran Students

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In recognition of the fact that current military or veterans may have had a significant cross-cultural experience as part of their military service, Carroll offers a route to fulfilling the CCE requirement that is for this group only.  Students who meet the criteria and can show that they have had both preparation and immersion may be able to take a special section of the course CCS 300, to meet their CCE requirement.

The following conditions must be met for approval:
  • The student took part in courses offered or required by the military specifically designed to prepare people whose assignment involved intercultural work.
  • The student was posted overseas or to a location where the assignment involved in depth work with persons from a culture different from the student’s own.  
  • The student worked and communicated with persons of another culture for at least a one-month appointment.
  • The experience took place within five years of entering Carroll University.  
Please note that basic training or domestic service DOES NOT meet the current criteria for a cross-cultural immersion.  For more information on CCE options, please contact or stop by Office of Global Education (1st Floor, Kilgour Hall) for more information.

CCS 300: Military Culture is a course specifically designed for veterans who have had a cultural immersion through their service abroad. 

In this course, students will look at military collectives as a cultural phenomenon that is shaped through the history, identity and ethos of the societies that produce them.  The universality of the warrior archetype, the soldier/civilian duality and the manner in which the parabellum culture is socially contracted with the national body will be critically analyzed and discussed.  As part of the course, a service project will be determined by each class.

Students who have a military experience that matches the requirements above should complete the application here.  The application will ask students to include information on their service that is important for deciding whether they meet the qualifications of the course.  The information will remain confidential and is only reviewed by the Office of Global Education to determine admittance to the course.
If the student is approved, they will be automatically enrolled in the two-credit course to complete the CCE requirement.  If they are not approved, the student may elect to reapply or to select an existing CCE option.  Please note that the special section of CCS300 for current military/veteran students is FALL term, 2-credit course, so plan accordingly.
Simply completing the petition does not guarantee approval.  Students who are approved MUST complete CCS 300 course, with a passing grade, in order to earn credit for the CCE.

The advisor that oversees this course is Cyd Fode, 262-524-7663, please contact her with questions.