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Passport Photo Clinic

passport clinic

The Office of Global Education now has the ability to take and print a picture for your passport for $5.  We will be offering Passport Photo Clinics throughout the semester.  This opportunity is open to students, staff and faculty!

To sign up for a passport clinic, sign up coming soon.

Prior to your scheduled time, you will need to pay the $5 fee online.  Payment information coming soon.

Passports are a requirement for all international CCEs.
  • Click here to view passport forms, find information to help you with passport photos (if you do not want to/cannot participate in an on-campus passport photo clinic), where to apply, processing times, and more. 
  • You must have a passport to complete the STEP registration on your application 
  • If your passport expires within six months of the scheduled return date you will need to renew it.  If you are returning from travel on March 3, 2022 and your passport expires April 5, 2022 your passport is INVALID.  It must not expire until 6+ months AFTER March 3, 2022. Click here to begin filling out a renewal form. 
    • If you were under the age of 16 when you received your passport, it expires after 5 years, not the traditional 10.
  • If you hold a passport from another country you must obtain all additional visas and permissions independently and at your own cost expense. 
  • Failure to obtain and produce a passport or additional immigration documents due to delay, mandatory or discretionary denial by the issuing offices or loss of documents will result in a forfeiture of your place in the course or program.
    • If you are in a Carroll course CCE, in addition to being ineligible for the travel portion of the course, you will forfeit all deposits made towards the course and will be financially responsible for any balance owed.