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International Students

Students studying at Carroll University on an F-1 Visa must complete the CCE requirement.  The course, Living in the USA, has been specifically designed for F-1 students.  F-1 students interested in other Carroll course CCEs or study abroad programs may certainly complete their CCE requirement that way.   For the first few years, students in the US on other types of Visas or having dual citizenship will be eligible to apply to the Living in the USA CCE as well.  If you do not have a visa or dual citizenship, your application will not be considered.

The Living in the USA course is designed to introduce students experiencing U.S. American culture to the academic concepts required to effectively analyze their cross-cultural experience.  By living on campus, enrolling in courses and taking a variety of field trips designed to elucidate important components of U.S. American culture, students will better understand the roles of such things as hegemony, social class, family, entertainment, religion/spirituality, gender and cultural homogeneity.  Through this process, students will better understand U.S. American culture and be able to more fully compare it to their own cultural values and beliefs.  While other parts of the country will be discussed and students will likely visit them on their own, immersion will primarily take place in the southeastern Wisconsin.  

This course only runs in fall every other year.  The next time the course will be offered it Fall 2021.  Check out the course brochure here.  If nothing is being displayed, then the course is not accepting applications at that time.

Possible Field Trips and Activities
  • Hope Center, Waukesha, WI 
  • Victorious Living Christian Center Church Service, Milwaukee, WI
  • Eb-Acres Orchestrated Dreams Dairy, Monroe, WI 
  • New Glarus Brewing Company, New Glarus, WI
  • Elkhorn Flea Market, Elkhorn, WI
  • Carroll Homecoming Celebrations and Football Game 
  • Thanksgiving Home Visits 
  • Waukesha Farmer’s Market 
  • Halloween Trick-or-Treat