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International Students

CCS200: Living in the U.S.A. is a four-credit course that combines CCS100 and CCE.  This course was designed specifically with F-1 degree-seeking international students in mind.  These students will get the basics of cultural concepts and introductions to Carroll as well as unpack and begin to understand what life is like in the United States (with a focus on the midwest). Students will ideally take this course during the first semester at Carroll.

F-1 degree-seeking international students can take a Carroll course CCE or study abroad as well, although the CCE credits will be covered by CCS200.  If you have questions about this, please email  

For the first few years, students in the US on other types of Visas or having dual citizenship will be eligible to apply to the Living in the USA CCE as well.  Please email if you believe you are eligible for this course.  If you do not have a visa or dual citizenship, your application will not be considered.

Visit the CCE brochure for more information.

Note: CCS200 requirement begins with new fall 2022 students.  Any F-1 degree-seeking international students who arrived prior to this time have had their CCE requirement waived.  They should make sure to take two credits in another area to reach their required credits.

CCS200 required students will need to take two credits in another area to reach their required credits (CCS100 is a four-credit course and CCE is a minimum of two.  CCS200 is only four credits).