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Frequently Asked Questions

General CCE Questions 

Will I be able to graduate without completing a CCE? 
No.  The CCE, like all general education requirements, must be completed before graduating from Carroll University. 

Do I have to travel internationally? 
No. Carroll University offers Carroll course CCE local and domestic options as well.  Examples include Harlem, NY; Abiquiu, New Mexico; and Milwaukee, WI. 

What is the difference between a Carroll course CCE - CCS300 and an NCE? 
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What are the differences between exchange, affiliated, and unaffiliated study abroad programs? 
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When will I be registered for the course? 
Carroll Course: After you are accepted and make a deposit. We will communicate your registration to the registrar. You cannot register yourself for a CCE.  Please note that this will not happen instantly.  If you are still not registered a few weeks before the semester starts, please email

Study Abroad: The International CCE Advisor will work with the Registrar’s Office with program registration. Students are unable to register themselves to categorize themselves as a study abroad student. Additionally, students will see on their transcripts that their term abroad will say ‘Off-Campus Program” until the program grades are officially recorded.  

When should I take my CCE? 
Carroll Course: You must have completed CCS100 or CCS 199 and you must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in your CCD before completing your CCE. Please also remember to save room to take CCS400, which is the mandatory 2-credit course taken after your CCE.  You can walk at graduation 4-credits short, so if you planned to graduate in spring 2020, you could take a CCE in spring 2020 and take CCS400 in the summer of 2020.  Please make sure to complete a graduation audit with the registrar, so you know which courses you have left to take.

Study Abroad: Students who have earned at least 16 credits at Carroll are eligible to study abroad.  It is much easier to study abroad earlier on in your program so that you can complete general education requirements or low-level major or minor requirements.  You must save room to take CCS400, which is the mandatory 2-credit course taken after your CCE.

Do I need to know a foreign language? 
Carroll Course: No 

Study Abroad: No.  Carroll University offers a variety of exchange and affiliate programs where classes are taught in English. In some cases, students are encouraged to take a class in the language of the country while they are abroad. 

Does my major have to match my Carroll course CCE? 
No.  All Carroll course CCE courses are open to all students. 

Can all majors study abroad? 
Yes.  With early, careful planning, students can fit study abroad into their plans. An academic year, semester, summer, and short-term programs during January (also known as J-Term) are available to accommodate all majors.  Students can earn Carroll credit while maintaining normal progress toward graduation. 

Can I study abroad without delaying my graduation? 
Absolutely.  Students will work with the Office of Global Education, their academic advisors, and the Registrar’s Office to determine which courses are best to take and how they will return to Carroll.  Many times students can transfer back credits for their major, minor, and/or general education requirements as well as elective credits that help a student progress towards graduation. 

What if I want to study abroad somewhere that is not offered through Carroll? 
No problem.  Students may study abroad on non-Carroll programs with prior approval. 

Can I design my own CCE? 
You cannot propose your own CCE, however, with the many CCE options offered, you can choose something that fits your major, minor, career, and/or interest area!

Can an alternative spring break count as a CCE?
Alternative spring breaks cannot count as CCEs because they lack the curricular component required to give credit for experiential learning.  That said, they are a lot of fun, and a great way to meet other students with similar interests.
How do acceptances work?
Carroll Course:  Acceptances are based first on class standing and second by the date and time you submitted your application.  Not everyone is accepted into every course.  A course with a maximum of 18, may have 80 students apply.  While we would like to accept everyone into their first choice, it is not always possible.  If you are waitlisted or withdrawn from a course due to this, you will receive an email with the next steps.  
Study Abroad: Acceptances are based on program availability and on a rolling basis. Some programs fill up quickly, which means the student will have to work with the Study Abroad Advisor to find an alternative program that will offer courses needed. Students must complete two different applications: CCE program application (on the CCE website) and the Study Abroad Program application (on the provider's website). Students must honor the GPA requirements of the program as well. 

When will I know if I have been accepted? 
Carroll Course: You will know if you have been accepted after the application deadline has passed.  You can find deadlines here.  You will be notified via email with the decision. 

Study Abroad:  Study abroad program acceptances are on a rolling basis. Exchange programs require a nominations process through the Study Abroad Advisor.

I was accepted. Now what? 
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Why was I waitlisted? 
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Why was I withdrawn?
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CCE Award 

What is the CCE award? 
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Do I need to apply for the CCE award? 
No.  Any student who applies for a CCE will be automatically reviewed for the CCE Award, there is no additional application required. 

Where can I find my CCE award? 
Carroll Course: You will find your CCE award in your decision letter upon acceptance.  Your decision letter is emailed to you and also listed under program info on your application. 
Study Abroad: Because each program has an individual budget and not all students receive a CCE award, the CCE award will vary per student. Please reach out to the International CCE Advisor to confirm your amount.

Why was my CCE award $0? 
The CCE award is based on the expected family contribution (EFC), which is calculated through the information you input about you and your guardians enter into FAFSA.  If your EFC is more than our top band of EFCs, you are not eligible to receive an award.   If your CCE is $200 or less, you are not eligible for the CCE award. 


Are credit costs included in the total cost for fall and spring Carroll course CCEs? 
No.  Credit costs during fall and spring are within your tuition, just like any other course you take during the semester.

Are credit costs included in the total cost for summer and winter Carroll course CCEs? 
Yes. We include the cost of summer and winter credits in the total cost because these credits are paid out of pocket as opposed to fall and spring.  Due to the cost being out of pocket, we base the CCE award off of the CCE cost + winter and summer credit cost. 

How do I pay my bill? 
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How do I know if my Carroll course deposit payment was successful?
Your deposit payment will be marked off on your CCE application. Click 'Login' in the upper right corner.  Log in using your Carroll University portal username and password (do not include in your username).  Click the program title under 'Applications' on the left side of your screen.  Locate the material called "Non-Refundable Deposit - $100."  This will be checked off after the business office receives your deposit.  This does not happen immediately.  It is a manual process that is completed once per day.  You can also contact the business office with questions at, 262-524-7337.  Please note that the Office of Global Education cannot look up your balance. 

How do I know my balance? 
Carroll Course: The remaining balance owed can be found on the monthly statements that are being sent to your permanent address around the 15th of each month. If you have been awarded a CCE award, you will need to also subtract the CCE award from the total cost because it is not reflected on your statement. You can also contact the business office with questions at, 262-524-7337.  Please note that the Office of Global Education cannot look up your balance. 

Will the cost ever change from what is listed on the brochure? 
Each CCE total cost is based off of a minimum number of students. If that minimum number of students is not met, the price of the trip may be adjusted to cover the cost of the students gap. If the cost increase is $100 or less, students will not be notified of the increase. If the cost of the trip increase is over $100, students will be notified of the increased cost. In this event, students will work with the CCE Advisor, Kiera Arnson, to determine the best course of action for to complete their CCE requirement. 

How is my CCE award applied to my bill? 
Carroll Course: Your CCE award is applied to your student account 30 days before travel.  When paying your bill, leave the amount of the CCE award on your bill and the award will zero it out.  For example, if your course costs $1,000 and you have a $100 CCE award, make sure to pay $900 and leave $100 on your account. You can also contact the business office with questions at, 262-524-7337.  Please note that the Office of Global Education cannot look up your balance. 

Study Abroad: For semesters, the CCE award will be added to your Carroll Account when semester financial aid is applied. Winter program participants will see their awards with Spring Financial Aid. For Summer program participants, the CCE award will be added in June.

Will I owe money if I withdraw from my Carroll course CCE after making a deposit? 
By making the initial non-refundable deposit, you have entered into a financial commitment to pay for all costs related to the travel portion of the course regardless of whether you physically travel or not.  If you choose to withdraw, are asked to withdraw due to conduct, or fail to complete all required materials after the non-refundable payment has been made, no refund of said payment will be issued.  Additionally, you will assume the forfeiture of any monies paid toward the total CCE cost as well as the liability of any outstanding monies. 

Will I'm Receiving VA Education Benefits. How will this effect my bill? 
Students using Post 9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33), Veteran Readiness and Employment (Chapter 31), or other federal or state tuition benefits should be aware that per the VA, Carroll is only allowed to certify you for an amount equal to the least expensive experience available (approx. $300-$500), unless the VA specifically approves additional funding. In other words, it you choose a more expensive travel option over the least expensive (likely local or non-travel) option, you will be responsible for any additional costs for travel, food, lodging and other expenses that exceed the least expensive option. 
Medical Health Statement

Can I go to the Carroll University health center to have my medical health statement completed? 

Can my own primary care person complete my medical health statement? 

Can I use my sports physical for the medical health statement? 
No.  You must complete our medical health statement form. 

Can I reuse my medical health statement from the previous semester?
No.  Due to changing health regulations, your medical health statement must be up to date.

More medical health statement information.

Who do I contact?
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