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I've Been Withdrawn From a CCE

Being withdrawn from a Carroll course can mean a few different things depending on the stage. 
  1. If you are withdrawn right after applications close, the course you applied to had more students apply than the maximum amount of students it can accept or waitlist.  We only waitlist students we feel have a chance of being accepted into the course. Acceptances are based first on class standing and second by the date and time a student applied.  There are three options for you below. 
  2. If you are withdrawn after you have been accepted.
    1. You failed to make the deposit by the deposit deadline (4 days after acceptance) found in your decision letter.
    2. You paid a deposit for a different course which signifies your commitment to that course.
  3. If you are withdrawn during the semester after you have been accepted and paid your deposit, you failed to complete all of the necessary application items by the deadline (60 days prior to departure).  The application items are necessary to complete to be allowed to travel.

Apply to a Carroll Course CCE with Openings 

Below are links to Carroll course CCEs that currently have openings.  Courses with openings are first come first served for acceptances.  Click the link and then click the apply now button in the upper right corner of the brochure to apply. 

currently there are none 

currently there are none

currently there are none 

Apply to a Study Abroad Program

There are always openings to study abroad.  Did you know that you can go for just a few weeks during winter or summer and many programs are affordable.  Not only will you complete the CCE requirement, but other courses as well!  Check out our study abroad page. 

Plan for Another Semester 

If you do not have to take your CCE during the current term, you can plan to apply for a different semester. Check out our deadlines page for more information.

Email, meet with a staff member or peer advisor, check out our frequently asked questions page or use the chat now function.