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Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 CCE Updates
Updated October 25, 2023

For more Carroll University COVID-19 updates, please click here.

EVERYONE is required to take CCS400, so please plan on signing up for the course. This must be taken AFTER your CCE. Work with your faculty or academic advisor to ensure you fit this into your academic plan.

Is there an online option for in-person CCE courses?

Class engagement in CCE courses is an essential part of the preparation for immersion.  Students should plan on attending all in-person classes, in person.

For students with a documented medical diagnosis that would make in-person attendance prohibitive, formal accommodations may be requested through the Accessibility Services Office which is located in the Center for Student Life and Wellness (304 N. East Ave). 

COVID-19 Updates for CCE Travel (Carroll course CCEs and study abroad CCEs)
In accordance with CDC guidelines, Carroll University will not be requiring the Covid vaccine to participate in CCE opportunities (Carroll Course CCEs and study abroad CCEs). While the school no longer requires the vaccine, some countries may still require the Covid vaccine to travel. 

While a vaccine is no longer required, Carroll University still strongly advises that students complete a full panel of Covid vaccines prior to travel for several reasons.  Primarily, the vaccination can safeguard the health of the student, their classmates and adjacent community members during immersion.  While the University has implemented a protocol for monitoring and mediating Covid infections while off-campus, the CDC recommends that vaccination is the best prevention currently available to circumvent individual infection and to curtail the transmission of the Covid 19 virus and its variants.  Even if students have had Covid in the past, vaccinations offer an added line of protective immunity.

Additionally, students who are unvaccinated may be impacted by travel restrictions instituted domestically or internationally in response to increased case reports or variants at any time during their course.  These restrictions may include providing a negative test, pre-entry quarantine or mandates prohibiting all entry for unvaccinated visitors. Unvaccinated students are strongly advised to purchase trip insurance to cover the possibility of unforeseen vaccination mandates that may be implemented closer to travel and are outside the control of the university therefore travel charges may not be reimbursable via Carroll or its constituents. 

The Student Health Center at Carroll University offers Covid vaccines to all currently enrolled students free of charge.  To schedule a vaccine, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I be up to date on my Covid-19 vaccine to travel domestically? 
While there is no U.S. mandate to be vaccinated, communities that Carroll CCEs collaborate with may have local rules requiring vaccination or have circumstances that need to be considered to keep partner residents safe. These circumstances may include the age of the population, remote areas with limited viral exposure, challenges to obtaining healthcare, etc.  

Why should I be up to date on my Covid-19 vaccine to travel internationally? 
With the dynamic nature of global travel and health regulations in other countries, vaccine requirements can change at any time. Students without the vaccine face several potential difficulties when traveling abroad. These include but are not limited to: 
  1. Difficulty entering a country or crossing borders 
  2. Possible delays returning to the United States 
  3. Increased chance of quarantine preventing expedient return home or full participation in the course activities 
  4. Exclusion from site locations requiring vaccinations for entry 
  5. Increased potential for contracting Covid-19 (all known strains) 
  6. Risk to community partners and host 
What does it mean to be up to date on my Covid-19 vaccine? 
The CDC defines what up-to-date means. 

The country I’m traveling to is a level 4 on the state department website. Do I need to worry?
The Department of State travel advisory levels can move quickly due to significant events within the destination location, for example, regional distress, natural disasters, health concerns 

The health and safety of our students is a priority at Carroll University. We will not travel to destinations that put students at heightened risk.  

The OGE will monitor all destinations and make final decisions about travel closer to the planned departure date. If there are significant concerns regarding the safety of our students, alternate arrangements will be made.