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If there aren't any programs showing up for a certain term, we haven't posted anything yet for that term.  We only have courses posted that are currently running or have been approved to run for the upcoming term.  Check application deadlines here. 

If you are trying to find courses that still have space after the deadline, check here.

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 Carroll Course CCE Fast Facts 
  • The moment you create an application, you will show up in our system.
  • CCS300 vs NCE - CCS300 are two-credit courses and NCE are four credit courses.  To decide which one you are more interested ask yourself if you have room to take a four credit course and which locations you are most interested in.
  • Some Carroll course CCEs have 60 hours of local volunteering THROUGHOUT the term in conjunction with the course, while others travel AFTER the term.
  • You must complete the course in order to participate in the immersion. 
  • Course times are set prior to applications opening and are posted on the individual brochures.  Make sure to save room in your schedule for this date and time, as course sections are NOT interchangeable with travel! 
  • You can have two CCE applications (this includes both study abroad and Carroll course CCEs) active at the same time per term.  Click here for instructions on how to withdraw and apply to a different program. 
  • Credits will be charged according to the semester the course portion is in.

 Acceptances for Carroll Courses 
  • Acceptances do not begin until the weekday after applications close.  Deadlines can be found here. 
  • Acceptances are based first on class standing (accelerated majors are taken into consideration), and then by the date and time the application was submitted.
  • Your CCD does not have to be completed. You can take your CCD and CCE at the same time. 
  • You must have all application items completed before you are able to submit it.
  • Students who have already completed a CCE and are electing to complete a second CCE will be considered last 
  • Acceptance emails will be sent to your CU email.

Email, attend a CCE Info Session, meet with a staff member or peer advisor, check out our frequently asked questions page or use the chat now function.