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CCE Info Sessions

CCE info sessions are informational sessions led by CCE staff and provide an overview of the CCE requirement and options for fulfilling the requirement.  These sessions are hosted during different hours and days of the week.  Sessions are posted monthly. 

All CCE Sessions will now be facilitated through Microsoft Teams.  Follow the steps below.
  1. Choose a session below - 101, 102, or 103 and sign up at their respective links.  Students who sign up less than 24 hours before the session are not guaranteed to receive the Microsoft Team's link to join the session. 
  2. Receive an email from - You will receive a Microsoft Teams invite from that will appear as an email in your Outlook Pio Mail.   If you accept the meeting invite, the email will disappear, but the information and Team’s link will be found on your outlook calendar.
  3. Microsoft Teams - There are three options to view the session in Microsoft Teams.  Please decide which you will choose before the session.
    1. Download Microsoft Teams to your computer before the session.  Carroll University provides free Office 365.  Find tutorials here.
      1. Please note that when you are asked to login to Microsoft, use
    2. Microsoft Teams also exists on the app store for free.  Download it today to use on your phone.
    3. The session can run in your web browser, but we recommend to download Microsoft Teams.
  4. Testing - As an optional next step, you may want to test your devices capabilities.  Some devices do not have speaker or video capabilities.  To test, log into Microsoft Teams, click your initial icon in the top right corner, settings, devices, and then make a test call.  This won’t actually call anyone, but it will test all the components on your device.  When you end the call, it will tell you what works and what doesn’t.  If you do not have speaker or video capabilities, that’s okay!  There is a chat function where you can type your question.  As long as, you can hear us, you are good to go.
  5. Session Etiquette - Go to your outlook calendar on the day of the session if you accepted the invite, click the invite, and then click the link at the bottom of the invite a few minutes before the session begins to open the teams video call.  You should see a bar with icon options for voice and video at the bottom of your screen, please make sure both are disabled if you are not asking a question.  This will help with distraction and background noise.  Want to see what this looks like?  Check out the tutorial.  Once you are in the session, when you hover the mouse towards the bottom of the video screen, the bottom toolbar will pop up (this may also upper in the upper right corner depending on the version and device you use).  This will allow you to turn the video and speaker function off and on.  If you click on icon that looks like a conversation bubble, it opens an option to show the session chat.  You can always type your questions in the chat box or feel free to enable the speaker during your question, and then disable it again. 

CCE 101 Session: General Information 
Not sure where to start? This session is for you!  Peer advisors will explain what a CCE is, the difference between a Carroll Course and Study Abroad, how to apply, and more.  Sign up here. 

CCE 102 Session: Study Abroad 
Are you leaning toward study abroad? This session is for you!  These sessions are for students that would like to study abroad in order to fulfill their CCE.  General information along with specific study abroad information is provided.  You do not need to attend a 101 session before signing up for 102.  Sign up here. 
CCE 103 Session: Health Science 
Are you in the Health Sciences or in an accelerated major?  This session is for you!  These sessions will go over the general information on completing the CCE requirement, the options available and will detail the planning necessary for students with a tightly packed schedule. The earlier you start, the easier it will be to plan for your CCE. Sign up here.   

As a health science or accelerated major student, you are not required to attend this specific section, but it is highly encouraged. 

Email, meet with a staff member or peer advisor, check out our frequently asked questions page or use the chat now function