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CCE Info Sessions

These sessions are currently not running due to no student workers. If you need to schedule an appointment, please click here to schedule a meeting with either the CCE Travel Course Advisor or the CCE Study Abroad Advisor!

CCE info sessions are informational sessions led by CCE staff and provide an overview of the CCE requirement and options for fulfilling the requirement.  These sessions are hosted during different hours and days of the week.  

All CCE Sessions are facilitated through Microsoft Teams.  Follow the steps below.
  1. Choose a session below - 101, 102, or 103 and sign up at their respective links.  Students who sign up less than 24 hours before the session are not guaranteed to receive the Microsoft Team's link to join the session. 
  2. Receive an email from - You will receive a Microsoft Teams invite from that will appear as an email in your Outlook Pio Mail.   If you accept the meeting invite, the email will disappear, but the information and Team’s link will be found on your outlook calendar.
  3. Join the meeting on the correct day and time using the link in the appointment.  You can access Teams through your browser if you do not have the app.
CCE 101 Session: General Information 
Not sure where to start? This session is for you!  Peer advisors will explain what a CCE is, the difference between a Carroll Course and Study Abroad, how to apply, and more.  CCE 103 sessions have now been combined with 101!  You will still get the same great information!  Sign up here. 

CCE 102 Session: Study Abroad 
Are you leaning toward study abroad? This session is for you!  These sessions are for students that would like to study abroad in order to fulfill their CCE.  General information along with specific study abroad information is provided.  You do not need to attend a 101 session before signing up for 102.  Sign up here. 

Email, meet with a staff member or peer advisor, check out our frequently asked questions page or use the chat now function