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Announcements : Self-Design Update

Announcement: Self-Design Update

Self-Design is no longer available.

This program was where students traveled to a destination and then took the course AFTER travel.  This was the only course where the academic piece was after travel (the course could not be taken before due to approval and liability).  After a few years of running the program, it was determined that the academic portion occurring after travel was not impactful, and occasionally resulted in students' travel not being approved for a CCE.

While self-design is no longer available, if you are looking to individualize your experience in a similar manor as self-design, you may want to consider one of the below options
  • Study Abroad - short-term programs are available in addition to semester, and year experiences
  • International Volunteer - students take a class before and choose from a list of approved providers where they travel on their own
  • Service Learning - service learning has typically served local volunteer opportunities.  Currently we have a specific education section, and a general service section
Email if you need help deciding which program works best for you or if you have questions.