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CCE101 Sessions: General Info


CCE101 Sessions

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CCE101 are information sessions that are led by CCE Peer Advisors.  Each CCE101 session gives an overview of the CCE requirement and includes the following information:
  • Overview of the requirement - Exactly what do you need to do in order to complete the CCE?
  • Options - What is the difference between a Carroll Course program and a Study Abroad program?
  • Applying - So you have found the perfect CCE?  Now what?
  • Finances - How much will your CCE cost after financial aid?  How do you find additional funds for your CCE?
  • Next steps - What do you do after you attend a CCE101 session?
Attendance at a CCE101 Session is required prior to meeting with a CCE staff member.

CCE101 sessions close 24 hours prior to the session.  CCE101 sessions without any registrations will be cancelled 24 hours prior to the session.

CCE101 sessions are announced for the next month by the 15th of the previous month.  Example:  CCE101 sessions for December will be announced by November 15th, for January by December 15th, etc.