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Domestic Insurance
Students are required to put a copy of their domestic insurance card under 'Domestic Insurance Card' on your CCE profile.  For students traveling domestically, this will serve as your insurance while you are on your CCE.  Uploading a copy of a domestic insurance card is also required for students traveling internationally on Carroll course CCEs to cover any incidents that could happen before leaving the country or upon return to the United States.  If you do not have domestic insurance, please type "I do not have insurance" in the box provided on your CCE profile.  You will not be penalized for not having domestic insurance.
International Insurance
CISIStudents will also be automatically registered for international insurance.  Registration will not take place until a few weeks before travel.  Most international CCEs will be covered by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).  Some CCE programs provide mandatory insurance that is comparable to the coverage provided by Carroll’s CISI policy.  In this case students will not be registered for CISI coverage.  Students covered under CISI will receive an email with their participant ID number and protection plan number.  Students are required to upload their international insurance to their CCE profile under 'International Insurance Card'.  Do not upload your domestic insurance card in this spot.  The explanation of what CISI covers can be found in their brochure under "Learning Content" on your CCE profile or click the documents below.