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Transfer Credit Process

Study Abroad Programs
All students attending a study abroad program must fill out Transfer Credit Petition on the Registrar’s department page for the course pre-approval process for their program. Students should work with their faculty advisor and choose from the list of courses of the foreign university for the term they wish to attend. The courses chosen can directly impact future terms, as the courses are pre-approved to satisfy a course equivalency at CU. Semester programs require a minimum of three (3) courses. Summer programs have the option of 1-3 courses, while J-term programs only allow for one (1) course enrollment.  

In order to determine how the credit for your program will come back to Carroll, you should have submitted at least one Transfer Credit Petition form to the Registrar's Office. Students need to obtain course syllabi for their intended courses. Since the form only allows 3 classes at a time, students can submit more than one form. The pre-approved forms are due Reading Day the semester prior to your departure.

Please find the electronic form on the Registrar's department page here.