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International Internships

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Finding a CCE International Internship

Check out a full list of international companies who have posted internship and job opportunities in
Pioneer Career Net: InternationalCOinPCN.pdf
Internships are one of the most effective ways to help you define your career goals and figure out what path you may want to pursue in life. Internships are an invaluable learning tool for college students and an ideal way to evaluate potential careers and employers. An international internship will offer “real world” global experience and enhance cross-cultural competence, which many of today’s employers are looking for when hiring new staff. By taking the following steps, you will be more likely to achieve job search and career success after graduating from college.
Order or renew your passport, if necessary. This process can take 4-8 weeks, so start ASAP!
Research Opportunities
Research jobs and/or internships (consider employment recruiters and internship providers), market trends for your area of interest, employers, countries, and don’t underestimate the value of searching for reviews.
To speak with multiple providers all at the same time, check out the Fall and Spring CCE Fairs!
Video on Working Abroad:
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Work Abroad:   

Teach Abroad:  
Meet With Carroll Staff
Meet with:
  • CCE Staff Member – See if your internship can fulfill your CCE requirement & get tips for being abroad. Contact:
  • Academic Advisor – Make sure your internship is applicable to your program
  • Financial Aid – Be sure all your financials are in order in terms of aid amount, minimum credit load, enrollment, etc. for while you are abroad
Determine if you need a visa to enter your country of choice, and if so, what steps are needed to obtain a visa.
Build International Qualifications
  • Update your resume, brush up on your interviewing skills, and check out local business etiquette abroad
  • Read about your preferred country/industry in order to learn about local work roles and culture
  • Work on your foreign language skills
  • Read up on global events and news to increase your global awareness
  • If you have a semester or more to plan ahead, think about taking a relevant course or join an internationally-focused club or activity

Determine your own goals and requirements before making a decision on interning abroad.


I want to find a paid internship.
Calculate your daily financial necessities with regard to the local cost of living abroad and the exchange rate. Sometimes your U.S. dollar can go a long way in another country!
Currency Conversion Website:
TIP: To broaden your options, consider opportunities that may cover your flight and/or housing in exchange for your work. Some countries actually prohibit pay based on their work visa requirements.
Visit: for country-specific visa information.
I want to be able to use my financial aid to help with my costs.
Financial aid can only be used for educational purposes, so you may need to complete your internship as a for-credit experience.
Speak with a CCE Staff Member, your Academic Advisor, and a Financial Aid Staff Member well in advance to find out what you are able to do and to ensure everything goes smoothly.
TIP: Study abroad programs sometimes offer an in-country internship opportunity. Some providers may be able to customize an internship specifically for you, so don’t be afraid to ask!
I only want to be abroad for 2 weeks.
If you are looking to do an internship for credit, Carroll University requires 30 hours of work per credit received. That means you must work a minimum of 30 hrs/wk for 2 weeks in order to receive 2 academic credits. To fulfill a CCE credit, your internship must fulfill all CCE requirements.
Keep in mind that labor laws, workplace policies and regulations, as well as business hours may differ from what you are used to. A good internship provider should help you understand these.
I want to do an internship in a non-English speaking country.
Consider your language skills and learning ability. Immersion is often a very effective way to boost learning! But would you be able to communicate enough to do your job? Would you be able to ask for help in event of an emergency? These are just things to keep in mind. However, even at a beginning foreign language level, opportunities in non-English speaking countries are out there!
TIP: If cultural diversity is your goal, there are many English-speaking countries that differ greatly from the traditional “American” culture (i.e. Ghana, New Zealand, Ireland, Jamaica).
I think it would be a cool experience to live in a small community while I’m abroad. No matter the size of the community, the standard of living varies greatly not only among countries, but between urban and rural areas as well. Educate yourself on what you can expect and where before making a decision.
The ability to make the best impressions and create lasting connections abroad is important to me. Cultural diversity is accepted and appreciated differently around the world. Push yourself to go outside of your comfort zone, while still being conscientious of the following issues which could affect the impressions and connections you make:
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Dress
  • Behavior
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Laws
TIP: To find out what is and is not typical for certain regions or countries, Google “cultural etiquette,” or visit:
Click on Cultural Etiquette under the Quick Links section for country-specific information.
I want to prevent any delays with my visa and/or customs. How can I find out if vaccines are required to enter a country? Visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website. Select your destination from the “Where are you going?” drop-down to find required and recommended vaccines/medications for visiting that country.
I want to be able to answer my family’s questions about interning abroad. Where can I send them for reliable and recent travel information?
The U.S. Department of State maintains a website dedicated to international travel. Everything from country profiles to travel documents to emergency information is available here.
You can also register for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).
General Website:
STEP Website:

So Think Your Ready?  Rate Your Global Mindset!

Adapted From: Berdan, S. (2012). Go global! Launching an international career here or abroad. New York: SNB Media, LLC.
  • Rate yourself as honestly as you can, on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high) on how much you agree with each of the following:
    • I thrive on challenges – the more the better.
    • I enjoy meeting and getting to know new people.
    • I love new places, new foods, and new cultures.
    • I can get along with many different personalities, including people others find difficult.
    • I thrive on change, and am happy to be surround by it 24/7.
    • I enjoy taking calculated risks.
    • I don’t get bothered by things that seem different or strange.
    • I don’t mind being alone.
    • I go the extra mile – time and again – without being asked.
    • I thrive when asked to go outside my comfort zone.
    • I am curious about what makes the world go round.
    • I am adaptable.
    • I am a good listener and communicator.
    • I like working in teams.
    • I can handle failure and learn from it
Add up your ratings for each of the above 15 statements.
  • 115+: You have a bright global future and could likely manage finding an international internship on your own, if you want!
  • 85 – 114: You have the makings of a good internationalist. Narrow your options down to a few on your own and then visit with an advisor!
  • 46 – 84: You may be more comfortable with an English-speaking and/or a short-term international experience, but you still have plenty of options. Take some ideas to a CCE Staff Member or Career Advisor for assistance!
  • 45 or below: You may want to consider looking into one of the many full-service providers for your international internship. Visit with a CCE Staff Member or Career Advisor for some guidance!
Download a printable version of this document:
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