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Faculty and Staff

We are here to help you advise students, plan and execute a CCE, or go as a second.  If you have any questions, email

Helpful Information for Advising Students
  • The CCE can be fulfilled by a Carroll course CCE where a professor teaches and travels with students (there are a few local volunteer options and international volunteer where the students volunteer on their own) OR a study abroad program
  • There are two types of Carroll course CCEs - CCS300 and NCE.  The difference is that CCS300 is two credits while an NCE is four.
  • The Carroll course CCEs are always taught concurrently or before travel/volunteering.
  • Students do not need to pick a program that matches their major.
  • Students should save room in a semester after their CCE to take CCS400.
  • Encourage students to attend a CCE session where a peer advisor gives basic CCE information to students. 
  • Students can meet with peer advisors and staff. 
  • Students should take a look at application deadlines.  Applications open many months in advance of the actual semester and often surprise advisors and students
    • Acceptances for Carroll courses are based first on class standing and second on the date and time stamp when they apply. 
  • Students can have two applications open at the same time per term (Carroll course CCE and study abroad).  We encourage all students to have two, because it increases the chance of acceptance.
  • Check out the FAQ page

CCE Seconds 

Seconds are a second person (staff or faculty) who travel on the CCE with the course.  Seconds are required on all CCEs outside of the continuous 48 states.
  • Who can be a second 
    • A faculty member 
    • A salaried staff member - due to regulations, hourly staff cannot be a second at this time 
    • Carroll employees only 
    • The second and professor must be unrelated due to insurance reasons
  • Second Approval 
    • The form can be found on the canvas course you've been invited to as a CCE Professor called CCE Preparation. Once completed, email it to
  • Interested in being a second? Email
  • Do you need to find a second? Email 
Professors of New CCEs 

If you are interested in learning more about creating a CCE or taking over an existing CCE, please email

Need the approval paperwork for your CCE? 
Professors of Existing CCEs 

Prior to the start of courses opening, you will be asked to submit a budget, syllabus, proposed itinerary, and re-approval form to Josie de Hartog  If you need to make edits to your website brochure, email

After you are approved to run your course again, you will be added to a canvas course, CCE Preparation.  Here you can find an FAQ, important documents, and things to remember. 
Please encourage your students to complete all post-decision materials on their application by the due date - 60 days prior to departure of your particular course. If your students are volunteering throughout the semester, the start of the semester is considered the departure date. 

Complete your travel registration here.